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Small Silver Box

I am not sure what type of box this is, snuff, card, tobacco? It is beautifully engraved on both the front and back. The back curves inwards slightly. The complete mark is stamped on the inside of the front, G.E.W then an anchor, lion and lower case f. The lion and ‘f’ are repeated on the back without the anchor or initials. It measures 4.5cm x 7.5 x 1cm approx. I would like to know what it is and what it may be worth. Thank you again for your time and knowledge.

I would say that this is a cigarette case (there would have been elastic type bands between the inside slots to hold them in), assayed in Birmingham 1905, with the makers name of G E Walton & Co Ltd.
Value? Perhaps have a look at the completed section of the famous online auction site to get an idea of todays prices.
Hope this helps

Hi John, thanks for that. I didn’t think about what those slots might be for. I thought it might be too small for cigarettes, but then I tried one of my partners unfiltered roll ups and it fits perfectly. I shall do as you suggest, but have always been wary of online auction sites giving a reasonable idea of actual worth. Do you or anyone else have any ideas as to the best ‘real’ auction houses to place items with. I am based in London. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I agree with John about the big online auction site. Provided that your piece is properly described and well photographed you will get a fair price. Unfortunately cigarette cases are not particularly popular and without the elastic straps yours is not complete.

Yeah… i think too it can be cigarrete case…