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Small silver cup with owl

I have had this cup for years and have no clue what it is!
It measures 2" across the top and 6.5" in diameter.
Any info would be great!
rsz_canon_400d_002[1] - Copy (3).jpg
Canon 400D 001.JPG

Hi there Hollie and thanks for joining us. The cup was made my J. Tostrup of Oslo, Norway which has been in business - and in the same family - since 1832. It is sterling silver (the “925” is the purity). It was probably made prior to the late 1940s as one of my reference books shows Tostrup using a mark beginning about then that is not on your cup.

Anything I venture about what its for or the signifigance of the owl would be pure conjecture…so here goes - a kid’s porrage dish, “wise old owl” nursery tale?


Uncle Vic

thanks for that! would love to know who’s initials are in the cup!

I venture to suggest that it has some connotation with education. The owl was the symbol of Athene, Greek goddess of wisdom, and we have the phrase “wise old owl” as Uncle Vic mentioned. The stick which it may be holding could be a teacher’s pointer / cane? Whatever it represents we may need a Norwegian expert to tie it down for us.

that would be good! can you get someone to have a look at it? how much do you think it would be worth? i know it wont be much!