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Solid silver, Scottish - but what does the mark mean?

Hello - I hope someone out there can help me. I came across a pair of what I am 99% sure is a pair of solid silver large soup-spoons or small serving spoons. 195mm long, They were hidden away in a job-lot of old cutlery in Aberdeen, Scotland. Can anyone shed light on the mark and the likely origin of the items?

You can see the picture of the the mark and one of the spoon.

No ‘sterling’ mark, and the image on the mark seems to be of a hammerhead shark! Are these items from a ship’s set of cutlery?

The items were reasonably tarnished when found (such that they did not show up at first glance among the old steel spoons) but polished up beautifully with a lovely lustre - no hint of base metal anywhere - and they just have exactly the look if silver rather than plate.