Sorley Teapot Glasgow

Hi there,
Could anyone help me with these silver marks, please?
I have found this wonderful silver teapot but am having trouble identifying the marks. My silver hallmark book describes the Glasgow hallmark as a tree with a bird on top, a bell hanging from a lower branch and the trunk crossed with a fish.

As can be seen from the photos attached my teapot has the Sorley Glasgow mark but the imprint is RF E & Co L. There is also an arrowhead at the top of the base and a strange ‘boomerang’ or dotted A in the bottom of the base. Could these relate to hallmarks?

Unfortunately the beautifully crafted wickerwork covered handle has come away from it’s anchor point on one side. There is a brassy sheen over the pot but when this was polished in a small patch this became a solid silver colour with the dark indents.

I hope the pictures are clear enough. I can put some with closeups of any of the marks if needed.

Any information would be most appreciated. A search online did throw up goldsmiths with the name Robert & William Sorley in late 19th early 20th century but the silvermarks do not match.

Well, I’m afraid to say that your teapot is not silver. Its also not a teapot! Its a kettle and is missing the stand and burner, which it would have stood upon.

Its a shame because its a nice example of Victorian naturalistc design.

Regards, Jonathan

Hi Jonathan,
Well that’s a shame, as you say.
We weren’t sure. It s hard to find information on marks like this.
Thank you for your help and is there any interest in this sort of thing?