Souvenir Spoon Hallmarks



I need some assistance in identifying this hallmark found on a sterling silver souvenir spoon.
Marks are inside two conjoined birds with spread wings. I have looked at them through a viewing scope and they appear to have been flatten out and could possibly be asian marks. Spoon depicts a sunflower and Goodland, KS.

Baker-Manchester Mfg Co of Providence RI.


Thanks. That’s what I thought although they do not appear anywhere near any of the marks I have compare them to. I am still curious of how the marks were flattened without any other damage to the spoon. May have been a bad stamp or ?

Your picture is too blurred to be able to see the detail you describe. It just looks to me as if they used too large a punch for the available width of the spoon stem.

Picture is nut blurred but appears that way because of flattened hallmarks. After looking at hallmarks with my high powered viewing scope it may be an early BMH that is unfamiliar or was not used much.