Spirit kettle identification

Can anyone elp me identify this spirit kettle is it Jacobean pure silver plase anyone ?

Your kettle is Victorian electroplate. The manufacturer’s mark is actually JR & S (the J has either worn away or was never stamped very well). This is the mark of John Round & Sons of Sheffield. The rather strange mark above that, which comprises 4 tridents, is a trademark which they inherited from a predecessor company, Joseph Ridge & Co. The two companies merged in 1886 so your kettle must date from between then and the very early 1890s when the use of a crown mark on electroplate was outlawed.


Thankyou somuchthats brilliant information iwas hopit was pure silver i wanted to sell it i guess its not worth much so what does the 99 stand for please ? Tia .

99 and 5207 are just some sort of internal factory numbering of no external significance.

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Thankyou so much thats been really helpful.