Sponsors identification required

Morning all, i have a 1925 Valjoux 13 trenchwatch watch that has been handed down to me a few years ago that i have been researching.
The porcelain facia has no makers name but i understand this was common for a company/sponsor to order the watch workings and add their own case or to assemble the workings with a case made by a different company as it was the usual practise back then due to import costs for silver.
The casing marks are Swiss silver 925 with rampant bear hallmarks and an Edinburgh/Glasgow assay mark.
The sponsors stamp or mark is a DS in cameo, however i cannot find a listing anywhere for who the DS sponsor is ?
It was originally on a Harrop/Britannic expandable strap but i have had the watch rebuilt and it is now on a period leather strap.

I am hoping that someone will know who is the DS sponsor fingers crossed !

I think that will DS only be identified by a lucky chance. The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh, who hold records of the Edinburgh Assay Office, illustrate the mark from one of their registration plates for 1925 but note it as “unidentified”, presumably either because the record is lost or was never completed in the first place. I have seen it on 1923-1930 imported watch cases so it was in use before it was submitted for registration.


Thanks for researching this for me Phil, i was hoping someone may have knowledge of a silversmith or company with those initials from that part of the world back then who may have imported the watch.

Fingers crossed someone may have an idea. :slight_smile: