Spoon and Candle snuffer

Hi all I dont even know if the candle snuffer is Silver as I am trying to sell these for an old girl in a wheel chair…the spoon I know has the britannia lion on it but i do not know anything about silver or waht these might be worth…any help greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the poor images.

Damn I cant seem to add an attachment correctly…but the images can be found here.

s243.photobucket.com/albums/ff24 … =012-1.jpg

s243.photobucket.com/albums/ff24 … nuffer.jpg


Your first picture (of the spoon I presume) shows a silver hallmark although it is not a Britannia lion, it’s a Scottish lion rampant and the hallmark is Glasgow 1863. The maker is probably William Clarke Shaw. Value will depend on size, with a teaspoon around £5-£10 and a table spoon £15-£30. Value is dependent on condition, presence of monograms and crests and pattern.

Your other picture (of the snuffer presumably) shows a trademark rather than a hallmark. This is probably electroplate - or could even just be a white metal. Value would be negligible, maybe a pound or two at a car boot sale.

The SG mark on your silverplated snuffer stands for Silver Guild.
This is a trademark of Kirks Ltd., an American company.