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Spoon - Henry Bourne - Boar hunt scene and 'Now and ForEver'

Would anyone be able to tell me about my new teaspoon, which has a boar hunting scene on the terminal with the script ‘NOW AND FOR EVER’ underneath. It has the makers mark of Henry Bourne and dated Birmingham 1899. The scene is of a rearing horse, rider with roman type helmet and skirt, no saddle, and thrusting a spear into a running boar. It is cut out of the silver and embossed with some skill. Its quite fine. The wording is in a scroll or banner below the scene. The handle has embossed flower and leaf design to halfway down the stem. Bowl and remaining stem plain.

Its in exeptionally good condition and the hallmarks are on the back of the spoon bowl. It also has a reg no 352482 on the back of the terminal. Its 11.5cms long.

I think its a novelty spoon, and I bought it because of the horse and rider so am happy with it anyway. Any thoughts as to the purpose of the boar hunt scene and wording? And would this be genuine date and maker for this spoon?

Ps - Cant get a pic on the computer, can text one tho!

Registration number352482 was issued near the start of 1900 which ties up nicely with the hallmark date (which is really 1899/1900 as the Birmingham assay year started in July. I think, given the coincidence of registration and assay date, that your spoon was part of a very limited production batch, but I have no idea of what the commemoration might have been.

Wow thats great new, many thanks for the reply!! :smiley: