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Spoon - J.G - how old?

Hey, this is my first post… I hope somebody can help me…

I’m from Slovenia and my father have few spoons, which belong to my late grandmother (those were her heritage- only few spoons).
Near by was castle, which was burned in 17 or 18 century.
So he is certain that this spoons are from castle and i can’t convince him to otherwise.

I think that the mark represent Joseph Gilbert… or John Gilbert?

And i have no idea how old they are. Anybody knows?


p.s. He have one more spoon, which looks like the others, but it’s bigger and has written: MUNIA90… only this… is this just some old spoon worth nothing?
spoon 2.jpg

It is Joseph Gilbert silver plates spoons from Birmingham.


Must be after 1894 as that is when they started.


Thanks for help :slight_smile: