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Spoon markings help


My dad has passed me a collection of spoons so I can find out more about then. Most I can easily identify as not being silver or plate, but there are three I am not sure about and I would really appreciate some help with identification with silver or not, makers mark, age etc.

I have the feeling 1 & 2 are plate and 3 could be silver.

The photos are b&w to help with reading.

Many thanks,


IMG_4476 by h20vrr, on Flickr

IMG_4477_WS by h20vrr, on Flickr

IMG_4478_WS by h20vrr, on Flickr

Your feeling about the composition of these spoons is correct. The first two are electroplate, the first by William Page & Co of Birmingham and the second by an unknown (to me) maker, T & S. The third spoon is by Barker Brothers (Silver) Ltd and has a Birmingham 1929 hallmark.