Spoons and watch fob

Please can you identify my silver spoons they have lived in Ireland for a long time. What does my watch fob represent ? how do i go about cleaning ??? J M C S & J F & S S and on one says Vigta Silver on the back of fob is a lion a Z and an anchor on its side facing right.how do i upload images ? Kind Regards

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I hope these pictures help with identifying my spoons and watch fob Thanks for your quick response Regards

I cannot read the marks on your spoons very well, but together with your description of the marks I don’t think they are silver. They are probably some sort of nickel-silver alloy or electroplate. You do not show the marks on the watch fob, but once again from your description it may be silver with a Birmingham assay mark and probably dating from 1899 as you say that the anchor is on its side. To be sure I need to see a clear picture of the hallmark.