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Spurious hallmarks?

Could anyone help me with these hallmarks? They are on a silver covered dish, which the seller says is Georgian sterling silver. The hallmarks don’t seem to make sense to me. There is a lion passant, but also what appears to be the Russian double eagle. I cannot find anything to identify the other hallmarks, aside from the sovereign’s head. Is this item sterling silver or are these spurious hallmarks? Thank you for your help.

I can’t really make out what those are, but if they are spurious ones, then it’s probably American-made. Another place that would do something similar, but usually have an actual silver content mark (like 800, or 930, etc.), is in Hanau, Germany. You might check out Hanau marks and see if you find any matches to that. The UK and most of Europe were pretty strict about silver hallmarks, but there was no organized system in the US at all until around the 1860s. Still, there it usually says something like COIN, or Sterling, or 925, etc., if it’s solid silver.