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Starting a collection

Hi where I have read about hallmarks an elderly friend has given me a small gift of a mustard pot with blue glass liner I can not find a matching hallmark however the date letter suggests that the item may be late 1800? It is my intention to clean up the piece but I’m trying to find out more about it can anyone help?

Any information would be appreciated.

I have enhanced the mark from your picture and turned it round by 180 degrees.


This reveals the letters EPNS in an Old English or Gothic script (the P is admittedly a bit dubious, but that’s all it can be). This shows that your mustard is electroplate and not silver. EPNS is a very generic mark and it is impossible to date or identify a manufacturer.


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Thanks so much it seems it’s as import to know what isn’t as much as what is silver however my interest in starting a silver collection is now going to have to wait till I get more knowledge in the subject as I suspect it may be costly to go off half cocked.