Sterling 925 Incense Holder

Hi! I got this incense holder that had a sterling 925 mark on the inside and a very tiny square/triangular mark on its side. The marking is very blurry and looks somewhat like a U and N shape.

Any ideas?


seems to be very ornate in decoration, and somewhat influenced by the east in design, however if there are the words ‘sterling’ or ‘925’ it can point to a number of places outside that area, try having a peek on and maybe you will find a similar mark. Its square in my eyes, just a little rubbed.

This might be an Israeli mark of the '50s-'70s, with the number “12” or “13” inside the Hebrew letter “mem”. If so, the is called Bezalel style (though it’s not a real Bezalel item) and is inspired by Yemenite filigree work.