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Sterling Overlay Perfume Bottle: Who made it?

This is a miniature sterling silver overlay perfume bottle we acquired and were wondering if anyone knows the manufacturer. We believe it to be either Gorham, WM Wise & Son, or Matthews Co.

We had two additional bottles which we sold that came from the same collection. One was WM Wise & Son, whom we found to be a company linked to Gorham, and the other was by Matthews Co. Both were antique, as this is, and we are unsure on this one so we need an expert opinion.

This bottle has a floral overlay pattern and is only marked “STERLING” on one portion and “309” on another part. No hallmarks. The bottom of the bottle has a “122” apparently hand etched in small print. The other bottles were .999-1000 sterling, and we were wondering if this one may be as well.

We are open to any opinions, so have at it! And thanks a billion for the help!

Can’t help with the maker, but I can with your terminology. Sterling is, by definition, 925/1000. The phrase “.999-1000 sterling” is meaningless - maybe you meant .999-1.000 silver.

Oh alright, sorry about that inaccuracy in my description. Thanks for letting me know! I was just going by what I saw on these other two bottles from the same collection. One says 999/1000 and the other .999-1000. Pics are below.

I’m guessing this could be from the same collection as the bigger one with the 313 number on it. If so it would be Matthews & Co.

Thanks anyways folks.
bottle two.jpg
bottle one.jpg