Sterling silver Dutch made pill box

Hi all hope I’m in the right place. I recently acquired a small pill box with the marks as follows: H.H, 835 in a circle and a stamp of a sword with the numbers 835 in the middle of the sword which identify s it as Dutch, I have gotten that far but I don’t know who made it or when it was made. I have put a good number of hours into researching this little beauty but have had no luck except for the sword stamp. Please help and thanks so much. Brad.
PS: I have tried to download a picture but am not good with computers and it keeps telling me the picture is to big, I now have spent two hours trying to do this. Sorry hope you can help anyway.

This link might help you as to the when part… but with pix it is kinda hard to help out

I hope this helps and thanks so much. God Bless. Brad.

I hope it works this time as I am new at this, Sorry I will learn. This is a very old box and I need to know the date it was made if you can tell by the pics they are very worn and hard to see but I’m beginning to think it’s French or English. I really need to know the date and maker. Thanks and God Bless. Brad.

H.H. = Herman Hooykaas, a Dutch silversmith. 835 in a sword is a typical Dutch hallmark for silver purity 835/1000. When I view your picture’s they do not look like the H.H. hallmark. The picture’s are not clear enough.



it is French, maker H&C- Henin & Cie,Paris. This mark is used from 1896.

The other ‘boar’s head’ mark is silver standard.