Sterling silver embossed wine goblets 4

Hi I have these four wine I received from my great Uncle and he said they had been family heirlooms. This was 1990 and he was in his 80’s so I know they are pretty old. Can anyone help me know how old and more information on them as well as a value? I would appreciate any help.

Your goblets are Mexican, made by Maciel in Mexico City, active c1930-1970. I have no idea about value but you will be able to get a minimum value by working out the scrap value using one of the online scrap silver calculators.


Thank you how did you know Mexican just so I learn. It does make sense as I know they traveled there often and I have old Mexican jewelry.

I was pretty sure that the name was one which had been identified as Mexican on another site so I checked a list of Mexican silver makers and found it fairly quickly. It’s not what you know that’s important, it’s knowing where to find the answer!

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So true I appreciate your help greatly they have always been a mystery for me as I have looked and looked but Mexican just never occurred even though I have very old Mexican jewelry the goblets never registered to me.