Sterling silver filigree spoons with no marks

These are two parts spoons with beautiful filigree, but no marks. They tested sterling, but I’d love to know their age and where they may be from.

Hello, this work on the spoons is called filigree and in general there is no hallmark at all. The working technique is very old, but the presence of works predominantly of Portuguese origin. So if I had to bet, I would say that your spoons are from Portugal.

Thank you so much for the information! Ive been waiting patiently, hoping someone would know something about them. They are beautiful and I feel very lucky to have them. Without marks, I assume it’s difficult to date them, correct?

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You’re welcome. Dating is actually quite complicated, unless we find a match. Can you post a photo of a spoon by itself? I can try to search

I took photos front and back.

Thank you so very much!

I did an image search and couldn’t find anything like it. I’m Brazilian and even here in Brazil we call this work Portuguese filigree. When researching about filigree, Portugal really appears as a highlight, but when researching about the spoon, I noticed that several countries had this work with cutlery, especially Turkey. The country of origin of your spoon will really remain open, unless we find one that is the same and they know exactly the origin. I put here a website with examples of several spoons I found.

Great! Thank you. My aunt is from Portugal so I will ask her if she knows anything as well.

You have been a great help. I know more now than I did!

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