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sterling silver hinged wine server

I have a silver wine server that is hinged and it fits around the wine bottle and holds it as you pour. There is some engraving on the band that encircles the neck of the bottle as well as on the band around the base. There are 4 marks on the bottom… WH in an oval, an ampersand in a shield, the next 2 are both in an 8 sided octagon and are hard to read as they are old english style letters that could be an H and a P. Then below these marks is an x. I would like to sell it and am trying to find out who the maker might be and what it may be worth. Any help would be appreciated…
I have tried to add the photos but I cannot see where they have been attached…I followed the directions in the FAQ

No need to worry about pictures for this one - WH is William Hutton & Sons of Sheffield. The “Old English” letters are almost certainly BP for Britannia Plate - this is electroplated silver on Britannia metal, a pewter-like base metal. So unfortunately your wine server is not silver and therefore has no intrinsic value. It has decorative or utility value only.

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