Sterling Silver pages on Collectors Weekly

Hi - I wanted to let you know about the new Sterling Silver section on The Collectors Weekly, thought you and others might find it a useful resource: … nglish.php

There are nine pages altogether, including English and French sterling, flatware, tea service, trays, plates, pitchers, bowls and cups.

The content consists of the following:

  1. a selection of the best reference websites we could find on sterling silver (we’ve included a link to

  2. news related to sterling silver

  3. the current top sterling silver auctions on ebay. this is a quick way to scan in 30 seconds the most interesting pieces on eBay.

Hope you’ll pass this information along to your forum users who might be interested (I couldn’t figure out where else to post it, this seemed like the most appropriate place).

And of course, we’d appreciate any feedback on our pages and how we could improve them!

Dave Margulius
The Collectors Weekly