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Sterling Silver Sauce boat!

My mother whipped out this sauceboat that she got from her father back in the 70s/80s, his parents also had it, so it’s seen at least 3 generations. Haven’t found much of anything about the mark on the bottom of this sauceboat on the internet all night. I’ve seen plenty of castles from Scottish makers marks but no one else really. Can someone help me properly identify this piece and potentially tell me how much it might be valued at?

Sorry that the pictures are so stinking huge. I’m not entirely sure what to do about them, but it kinda helps yeah?

Thanks in advance for your help guys!

You could try making them smaller…

The sauce boat appears to be electroplate as it has no hallmark or other indication of silver fineness such as 925 or sterling.

Sorry, I had some resolution issues with making them smaller.

But are you saying its not silver at all then or what? I’m not familiar with electroplating.

The sauce boat is not silver. Electroplating is an electro-chemical process in which a very thin layer of pure silver is deposited on the surface of a base metal. The thickness of the layer varies, the thicker the layer the better the quality, but in any case the total amount of silver is so small that its intrinsic value is vanishingly small.