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Sterling Silver Spoon mark, can't identify, any clue?

Hi, have a large sterling spoon 34cm/150Grams and cant identify the marks, not the G83 either…wondered if it rings a bell with anyones experience and knowledge, Photos are spoon, marks from one angle, same marks photographed from other side of spoon… thanks! advance for any clue, Tom

PS: my best shot: William Grundy (seems like a “WG” maker’s mark in 3rd photo…?) Script Mark, “P” 1750 date mark, Lion Passant?..don’t see it… Leopards Head, faint but there…just a speculating guesstimate as I find it hard to discern the marks…“G83”?, no idea…no doubt very old marks (very old spoon), but, what are they?

It looks a bit like a Hanau mark but it’s not one I recognise. The 83 could indicate ,830 standard silver. It is certainly not a British mark so can’t be William Grundy. I suggest that what you are seeing as WG is a script “A”.

thank you… something to look into on a different path to what I was following