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Sterling Tiger Lily Pattern Serving Spoons

UPDATE: Found out what they were, thanks. See msgs below.

Does anyone recognize this pattern, know anything about them or their worth ? a set of 3 sterling serving spoons with a tiger lily theme, fairly substantial weight. Large unslotted 9 inch spoon weighs 3.6 avoirdupois (not troy) oz, l;arge slotted 8.5 inch spoon weighs 3.3 oz (avoirdupois) small 6 inch slotted spoon 1.3 oz (avoirdupois) all marked sterling, no other apparent marks except “PAT’D” and a plumed helmet over an outline of a shield with an “S” in the center. Noticed 2 have a solid helmed knight head and shield with an S impressed in it, and the casserole spoon has an outline of the shield with a raised “S”. These I believe were my grandmothers before my mother had them, but theyre possibly acquisitions of my mother. After reading about Frontenac, I see people have been forging them.

images (album, click on thumbnails to right to display full size in window, arrows to scroll through thumbnail pics)

I found out what the maker and pattern are. in case anyone else reading finds a piece theyre trying to identify.

It’s made by International Silver, which acquired Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. Wallingford, CT The pattern is “Frontenac” from 1904.