Stewart & Dawson Tea pot

This is from the family collection from my great-grandmother, I’m in my 60s.
Can anyone tell me about its age and anything else interesting and possibly what it’s worth, not
that I am looking to sell?

Your electroplated teapot was retailed by Stewart Dawson & Co but made by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. Electroplate has no intrinsic value as there is only a small amount of silver present on the surface and the decorative value is heavily dependent on the state of the plating - more than a little wear will reduce the value. If it is in good condition (and you should polish it with silver polish if only to improve its appearance) I would expect it to sell here in the UK for a few tens of pounds.


Many thanks Phil. I have no intention of selling at this stage, was just interested in knowing more about the pot.
I have cleaned the silver (it hadn’t been cleaned in more than 30 years) with a polovit plate. In order to polish what would you recommend?

Cheers Annette

Use a good quality (non-abrasive) silver polish. Because the layer of silver is so thin electroplate should not be subjected to anything which will take away any surface.