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STIEFF Silver.

I would like to suggest a resource for people looking for information on STIEFF, SCHOFIELD and Kirk silver.

In 2009 I started developing a site dedicated to Stieff silver. With the help of the Stieff family, who have shared many many family documents, I have been able to create this rather large site. Additionally, my growing library of Stieff documents, catalogs, price lists etc. have really made the site the one stop site for all things Stieff including pewter.

Take a look at THESTIEFFCOMPANY.COM and see what you think.

Stieff bought Schofield in 1967 and I have the largest library of Schofield information there also. Oddly, when I approached the Milspaugh family (the last owners of Kirk before Stieff bought the company) they were not interested in adding to the site.

I do have some information at the site on KIRK, but so far that is limited due to the main spotlight being STIEFF. Eventually I will be adding the Kirk catalogs to the site. The Stieff family loaned me the ones that they received from Kirk when they bought them. There are hand written notes and comments in the catalogs … as these were the desk copies from the presidents of Kirk & Son.

Also, at the site… are corrections to some of the better know books on silver… where they have made errors about Stieff. (sorry Ms. Rainwater, Frank Schofield did not cut the dies for the original Stieff pattern “Maryland Rose”, in 1892 he was only 19 and still in apprentice in Providence RI, working at Gorham.)

Bottom line, take a look at the site. A great resource for silver research.

Scott Perkins