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strange coin

Hello everyone,

My name is Fanny and i’m from Holland.
I have a question about a coin that I have received from my grandma.
I really have no clue about what it could be, maybe you could help me out.
I have pictures of the coin, maybe anyone of you know what it is.

Thank you very much.

Regards Fanny

Hi Fanny,

It seems your coin is probably a medal (how big is it?).

It is from Hungary, in particular, the Opusztaszer National Historical Statue Park (Nemzeti Torteneti Emlekpark).

The back refers to the famous panorama there painted by Feszty (“The Arrival of the Magyars”) from 1892 to 1894.

My guess is it was issued by the park, but it could be from a Hungarian series (any Hungarian experts out there???)

I can’t see the mark clearly on the side of the coin and can’t help with date sorry. Hope this helps a bit.



Hello Ben,

Thank you for your reaction! :slight_smile:
The coin/medal is 4,2 cm diameter and he is 4 mm thick and it’s silver(I think)
Someone gave my grandma the coin about 13 years ago and he had it from his grandfather,
that’s al I know about it.

Hope you or anyone else can help me.

Thanks! :smiley:

Regards Fanny

And about the mark, if I look closely it seems to be 4’77 or 4’71


I’d receeved a mail from the museum about the coin,

This medal is from the years of 90’ (it shows the entry of the Magyars- Feszty Panorama). It was buyable in that years in the shop of the central museum building.
You can see the painting:

Best regards

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