Strange hallmark on Art Nouveau tray...European?

Have an Art Nouveau silver tray with a very strange marker’s mark. Does anyone recognize it? I have spent hours looking on the Internet but so far, nothing.

The discolouration of the surface looks like plating loss from electroplate. If these are just surface marks on silver I suggest that you give your tray a really good polish to get rid of them. Polishing may also clean up the marks to reveal more detail. If, however, it proves to be electroplate then identification will be a matter of luck as there are no national standards on electroplate marks.


Thank you for your reply.

I know it is tarnished and apologize for the bad photo. I have not had a chance to polish it yet. Was hoping someone out there in the world of silver would know the mark. In all my years of collecting silver from all points of the compass, I have never seen that mark. Once it is polished I will post a better photo.