Strange objects - from cutlery drawer

We have this set of six very strange “somethings” of what we have assumed are some form of cutlery items, that came from a canteen of cutlery from my wife’s family, that contained a large selection of many different pieces, mostly straightforward to identify. Except these, and we have no idea what they are.

They look like they could be some form of pick or scraper (even thought of a sugar loaf scraper!), and they have what appears to be a flat end for tamping something down. They are approx 13cm long, and too big for any kind of pipe (smoking/tamping) tool. And there is a set of six, suggesting they would have been used at the table… but they don’t seem to make sense of being any kind of shellfish, crab or lobster picks.

Has anyone ever seen such a thing before? I suspect they are only silver plated, though there is not even any EPNS or similar mark on them. It is likely they are British, but also possible that they originated in America. I have searched extensively in Google, and nothing at all so far.

Any assistance or clues appreciated! Thanks!

I think they are sugar crushers.

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…so possibly used to scrape sugar off a sugar loaf with the pointed/ scalloped end, and crush the pieces with the flat end? That sounds very plausible. That would presumably put a bit of age on them, to sometime in the 19th century?

Yes! Thank you silvermakersmarks, a quick Google search came up with too many very similar shaped items - for those interested…