Struggling with silver hallmark

Who’s good at identifying silver hallmarks?

Howdy all,

I recently purchased this as I do with allot of silver for the aesthetic beauty and material value, I find little trinkets like this great investment pieces and my wife and daughter have the opportunity to enjoy them as well so its a double win

This one has stumped me a little, the silver hallmark is not stamped in a way I recognise, it has 925 for sterling in the oval, what looks like a faded Panther head for London so all good there, then the manufactures mark looks to read as a backwards C crossing over with a normal facing G

It may be French or Italian which is what it was listed as, the enamel work is sublime and absolutely bomb proof, the silver is all gold gilt and the diamonds are all real old cut diamonds, the large stone I assume is Amethyst, if any gemologists know better please feel free to correct me

My goal is to find out who made this by identifying accurately the silver hallmark which I have pictured through my loop, if anyone knows anything about this piece please feel free to share your thoughts

All the best James

The 925 is a fairly universal mark and the conjoined backwards C and forwards G is likely to be the maker’s mark, so the answer to the origin will lie in the poorly defined mark in the middle which is definitely not a London uncrowned leopard’s head. It might be worth cleaning it gently to see if any further detail is revealed.


Thankyou Phil

Yes I understand how the sterling silver system works, what I’m really trying to find out is who CG is and if this type of hallmark if not english is french or italian

All the best James

I don’t think that’s French, since their standard would be 950 for the higher end silver (unless it’s really new, and that does not look new). Plus, I don’t recall seeing any French pieces marked with a number like that, usually it’s one of their Minerve stamps (unless it’s before 1838, then it’s another mark for fineness). I want to say that maker’s mark reminds me of a logo I’ve seen, but I can’t place it, but maybe it’s just that it reminds me of the logo for Gucci.