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Stunning enamel silver bowl... Unidentified -can you help?

Hi all,

Duncan here. I found a silver bowl this morning and can’t identify the maker at all - just wondered if it could be an American piece?

The underside of the bowl has a head, “Sterling” and R177. No other marks. Stunning bit of enamel work in cobalt blue with small enamel flowers around the edge.

Any help appeciated!



Hi there, Duncan. You have a very nice American bowl made by the Mount Vernon Company Silversmiths of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. The company was formed in 1914 by the merger of several silversmiths, including Roger Williams and the Mauser Co. Mt. Vernon was purchased by the Gorham Corp. in 1923. The number on the bowl is the pattern or model #.


Uncle Vic

Thanks Uncle Vic!

Really kind of you to send us this info. I actually collect post war English silver and was attracted to this one as there was so much enamel on it - it measures some 11" in diameter. It’s got a very art nouveau / art deco feel to it with that mixed media decoration!

How would you rate this company as a silversmiths? I’ve had a look at the usual sites and have only found a flatware and a tea set, nothing so far with enamel.

Sadly as I’m a UK collector it’s not that good for me, so any idea the value or a good disposal place?

Cheers, cheekily,


I’m not very familiar with Mt. Vernon holloware, but one of the companies that was combined to form it was Mauser and I’m quite familiar with their holloware, and consider it amoung the finest late 19th and early 20th century American silver. Your dish looks to be in excellent condition, and I’d venture a guess of several hundred dollars US as a ball park value. Give it a whirl on ebay and put a good reserve on it.


Uncle Vic