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suffolk silversmiths candlesticks -- are these sterling?


hi everybody! my latest Mystery Item is the pair of candlesticks pictured below. they sure look like sterling to me although they are not marked as such. The ‘S’ looks like the sheridan silver S --the hallmark looks like a castle? the other marks are K639. checked replacements, british silversmiths websites and read the sticky notes… couldn’t find much googling ‘suffolk silversmiths’ - these are quite heavy, seem to be solid and look new… thanks so much for all your help! bobbie


Welcome back Bobbie. Suffolk is one of Gorham’s silverplate marks…you can find it on the silverplate marks section of

At the rate you are collecting, you may need a bigger house!


Uncle Vic


thank you, uncle vic! yes, every room in this house looks like a ‘shop’! ok, i found the suffolk silversmiths at the link provided but gorham is listed in that silverplate grouping as well – and they also do sterling, although yes i know about the STERLING or 925 markings. i guess i thought that kind of concentric circles solid ‘bottom’ indicated sterling items, - ? (as opposed to felt or hollow) – so you think they’re definitely silverplate? thanks a bunch!


I’m 100% sure they are plated. Many manufacturers used multiple trade marks on their silver. For example, International used at least 50 on stuff probably made in the same factory. The reason for this was to sell less expensive products without “cheapening” the main brand. Further, the lack of the word “sterling” on American silver post say, 1850, means its plate. And finally, you can see the sand casting marks on the bases of your candlesticks…the copper was cast in a sand mold and left un-machined before the silver plate was applied…the rest of the sticks were turned in a lathe to make the very smooth and shiny prior to plating.


Uncle Vic


thanks very much – i learn a lot from this forum! bobbie


Hi, I found an old sugar bowl at a yard sale. It too says Suffolk and has a Castle Mark,
I have not cleaned it up yet, but would these be Gorham also. The caslte has two turrets and is flying banners if some sort. I am new to this


Sounds like Gorham silver plate too. Post a pix of the mark after you clean it up.


Uncle Vic