Sugar Tong . Help with Origin and Age Please!

Hi, this is my first question in this forum so I hope I do not make any mistakes! I have bought this sugar tong ( it measures 15 cm) that bears no marks at all, but it tarnishes like silver and is gilt. At one point it has broken and it seems that the material is solid, so I do not think it is silver-plated. However, Is it possible to identify the Country it was made and the age of it by style? Any help is highly appreciated!

Hi Mat

Welcome to the forum. No mistakes and very good pictures!

We generally say that if there are no marks to be seen then the item is unlikely to be silver - after all why go to the expense of using a relatively costly material and then not make it obvious. That said, there are some exceptions so I won’t say that your tongs are definitely not silver. However I have to say that I am unable to suggest either origin or age.

Thank you, silvermakersmarks, for your quick reply and for welcoming me in this forum! If I ever find out more about this piece, I will post the information here!