Sugar Tongues and Vesta case

The vesta case has the marks:- T.H. an Anchor, Lion and the letter O
The Tongues have the marks C or GWF a Crown, Lion and the letter e (lower case)
Could anyone please tell me what the T.H and C or GWF mean and their ages and origins, also as I’m intending on selling them a rough idea of what I should aim for, thamks.
012 copy.jpg
027 copy.jpg

Clear close-up pictures are really required for accurate identification, but I think that the vesta has a Birmingham hallmark with the date letter “o” for 1913 and TH may be T. Heatley. The date letter could be (upper case) “O” for 1938 but that date is not consistent with use of a “TH” sans-serif mark.

From your description the tongs have a Sheffield hallmark. The date letter “e” may be 1922 but without a picture of it I cannot be sure. CWF is almost certainly C. W. Fletcher & Son, a Sheffield company.

If you want any more certainty then please post clear pictures of the hallmarks.

Your vesta and tongs are sufficiently common that you should be able to find something similar in Ebay’s completed auctions to give you an idea of what people are prepared to pay.