Suger tongs and tablespoon with initialsMM

Hi brand new on here and total virgin to silver/silver marks, timedate/owner etc.
Hoping someone could spare some time and knowledge to give me any info on these items.

Your pictures are not paricularly clear but I think that I see a London 1796 hallmark and maker’s mark of Peter & Ann Bateman. Are the marks on both tongs and spoon the same? If not, please make clear which is which and do try to get clear pictures.


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Hi phil sorry long getting back but here are better piks

Spoon first 3 then tongs last 2

The tongs are London 1796 with the Peter & Anne Bateman mark from your original post. The spoon is London 1812 (date letter R) and maker’s mark PB over WB for Peter & William Bateman.

MM are the initials of (probably) the original owner.

Somehow the picture order seems to have been reversed!

Omg, where do you store all that knowledge, iv been looking at info requests from others on here.
Thankyou v much

My web site:, which I have been working on for some time.