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Superior Silver Company Tea Set

I recently received a few items from a family members estate in California. Being that I am not a collector (yet) I know very little about silver, plated or otherwise.

One set I received is a Superior Silver Plate Co Tea Set. The number on it is 7014. It also has a hand etched engraved number 2208 which relates to the “H” monogrammed on it.

Can you please tell me how much this may be worth as I would like to insure the collection accordingly.

Attached are some pictures. I have not yet taken the time to polish them so they do have a patina.
Superior Silver CO Set Complete.jpg

Have you found out any information on your tea set?

It is highly unlikely that, after 7 years, the original poster will come back with a reply. There are at least 2 sites which give a little more information about this company and I’m sure that with a bit of time and not too much effort you may well find other links on the net which mention them: