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Suspected rat tail Hanoverian spoon

First post so I hope pic comes out ok! The spoon is 21cm long an weighs 75g. I can’t make any sense of the markings… Any help would be very much appreciated…

Rat tail spoon hallmarks|690x323

It appears to be an electroplate mark but a clearer image would help greatly.


Apologies for delay in getting back to you… Here are some more images that I think may make it clearer to you… I am still struggling! Hee hee. i think it is “WH & S *** MA*” but clutching at straws!IMG_4124

An electroplate mark of William Hutton & Sons of Sheffield. After the [WH] [&] [S] you have the Gothic or Old English letters B and P for Britannia Plate and then MP over A. I have to confess that I don’t know what the latter stand for. For further information see


Hi Phil

That is brilliant! Thank you. I was spurred on by your info and found something relating to the MPA mark. The post could not say what the mark was, but I think you may have an idea given the information… The marks were found in a boxed canteen of cutlery. Just thought you may be interested.
Many thanks for your assistance.
Jonathancanteen5 canteen133bis