Swedish Demitasse Spoons

Marish from Boise. This could be a nice resource, thanks for hosting. I’ve been playing Antiques Roadshow with various family silver and have been having good luck and having fun.

The Swedish demitasse spoons in question have an unadorned rectangle with SMS in it as a manufacturers mark that I’m stumped on. The rest of the hallmarks are a crowned head in an oval (for Stockholm): the 3 crowns (for Sweden); a stopsign S (also for Sweden); and a date mark translating to 1935 or 1936 (depending on spoon).

Sorry about the blurry quality of the photo, I don’t have a tripod for my phone. :slight_smile:

That darn SMS mark isn’t coming up on searches, probably because SMS also refers to Simple Messenging Service or something like that and generates lots of hits.

Any thoughts would be welcome. I’ll take a peek around and see if any of the stuff I might know about is on an open thread.

Happy Holidays :smiley: :smiley:
Swedish Demitasse Spoon.jpg

SMS it is not because SMS is SILVERSMED MALTE STRÖM SKÖLDGATAN 13, 1TR 118 63 STOCKHOLM 0 1990-

1990 onwards

Could it be SNS