Swedish GAB Coffee Pot Identification Help

Hello All!

I am VERY new to collecting and I am trying to make sure I understand how the hallmark system works. I have a GAB coffee pot. Because I am So far from the research that I have done I have come to understand that the maker is Guldsmedsaktiebolaget out of Stockholm, and that the A9 means this was made in 1951. So from my understanding of the marks from left to right is as follows:

  • GAB (Guldsmedsaktiebolaget)

  • National Control Mark

  • S - minimum silver content of .800.

  • Town Mark - Stockholm

  • A9 - 1951

  • Crown - Makers Mark (I am not very sure about this)

  • V - ???

Please forgive my ignorance. Is this coffee silver? Or is plated in silver? I am having a hard time figuring out what the V stands for.

Outside of the occasional thrifted silver plated or antique silver forks and spoons and some silver plated trays/brushes/trinket boxes from my family I do not have anything as pretty as this coffee pot. When I found it I absolutely had to have it. When I show this off to my mother and grandmother I would like to be able to tell them about it with accuracy, especially because my maternal side of the family immigrated to America in the late 1880s and they are Swedish/Finnish/Norwegian.

Thank you all!

You seem to have got all of the answers. The S (.800 minimum silver content) means that it is silver, not plated. Silver is a soft metal so has to be alloyed to make it hard enough to use. Your coffee pot is 800/1000 silver and 200/1000 other metals.

I agree that A9 is 1951.

GAB is the maker’s mark so the sixth mark is something else. I suspect it might be a repeat of the Stockholm mark the other way up. Or it may be something that the maker has put on. In any case the earlier marks are the only ones required for a valid hallmark.

The V is probably something that only the maker knows the meaning of. It is certainly not part of the hallmark.