Swedish Snuff box - help needed

Need help identifying the hallmark on this snuff box. I believe it to be manufactured in Stockholm Sweden in 1854 but cannot identify the maker and it does not contain a mark noting it as either sterling or silver-plate. Thanks!

Hi there, Swedish silver of this age wouldn’t have had the sterling mark. Your box had all the marks required for a sterling piece.
Cheers, Ben.

its solid silver all right. But its not sterling.
Solid silver is used according to strict regulations. Regulations that date maybe more than 700 years back in time. But silver is not used according to same regulations.
In some countries regulations say that at least 700/1000 parts should be silver content for being solid silver. In others its stated that solid silver should me at least 950/1000 parts silver.
Whether its one or the other content have nothing to do with quality. Its all silver.

On the other hand we have silver plate - plate har absolutely nothing to do with silver. Its a base material - cobber, brass, alpacca, nickel silver, or another alloy. Made to illudate silver by a micro micho micro thin layer of silver on top. We distinquis between plate and silver. Where silver has content from (could be 600) up to pure silver 999/1000.
Somebody think that the brittish standard 925 called sterling is the only standard. They could not be more wrong.

In this case we talk 13½ part of 16 - ore in other terms 830/1000. (in my case I only care of age when 16 was used. The new idea of using 1000 is of no interest to me)
So its silver and its Swedish made in the city of Karlskrona. Maker is Peter Andreas Thomasson born July 5th 1806 - apprentis 1820 - master 1832 and he dies in the 1870ties.