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Swedish Sterling marks

Hi. This is my first post… EVER. So please forgive me of my sins. I am looking at some silver flatware that is from Copenhagen, Supposedly made in Eskilstuna in the 1950’s. All the pieces have the triple crown and the S (for sterling I am assuming) No other marks. Could it really be sterling? Sorry, I do not have a picture. But those two are the only marks on them. Deciding whether to purchase or not. Thank you for any info you can give me. Linda

Hi there Linda and thanks for joining us. I’m the American silver guy and no expert on what you are looking at, but be very careful. You posted that they were Swedish, but of course Copenhaven is in Denmark. I checked a quick reference book for the marks from both countries and see nothing like you describe.

There are some experts here on silver from that area that will surely chime in, but be very careful before you buy.


Uncle Vic

Thanks for responding. I was going from memory when I wrote Copenhagen. Guess I’m getting old. They are from Stockholm. Sorry for the mislead. Does that make a difference? It doesn’t seem right that there are not more marks on the pieces.
Are there ever times when Sterling just doesn’t have the marks? Linda

Linda - no, solid silver (vs. silverplate) is almost always well marked. I looked in my quick reference book at the Swedish marks, and the Stockholm marks are nothing like you describe. Sweden used a uniform system of date marks as well from the 1700s, and the more modern date marks are two letters and numbers, such as “E 9” for 1955.

If you like the flatware and would buy if solid siver - .925, 800 or whatever purity - you may consider having it tested with acid by an independent silver expert. Nowdays, with the price of silver near $18 US an oz. the difference in value between solid silver and plated is huge.

If you could get an image of the marks, either photo or flat bed scan, it would help a lot to i.d. what you are looking to buy.


Uncle Vic

It is an item for sale on Ebay. I could direct you to the site, but not sure that is okay with your rules. Linda

Not many rules here Linda. Send it to me direct, …not far, I’m in Baton Rouge.


Uncle Vic

I sent it over to your email. Linda

That is not silver. Eskildstuna do not manufacture silver.
The 3 crowns you refer to is the “katfott” “cats foot” here is an example of a swedish silver mark.