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Swiss hallmark on pocketwatch

Hey, I’m new to the forum, and i’m not an avid collector (as the website would suggest!) but I do own some silver. One piece I have, a pocketwatch, is Swiss, and gold plated. It has a ‘hallmark’ which is the word ‘argent’ semicircled around a shield (?) with a diamond at the top and 2 chevrons below it. The mark is very small, and I know that ‘argent’ is latin and french (I think) for silver. Does this mean it is silver with gold plating? I can’t seem to find the mark anywhere…And I cannot upload pictures as I have no decent camera!

Thanks very much, any help is appreciated. The watch was made sometime in the 1800’s, in case that helps.

Like you I have a ‘swiss’ pocketwatch carrying the same ‘mark’ which I have trouble with identifying.

“The Chevron was the hallmark used at Neuchâtel from the 1700’s until the 1880’s. The added word “argent” would distinguish the metal used as silver (obviously) in opposition to the stand-alone Chevron which would indicate 18k gold. The minimum fineness for silver from Neuchâtel was 812.5/1000 for many, many years. The Chevron hallmark was merely superceded in 1881/1882 when the Swiss Federal Government assumed control of hallmarking from the Cantons.”

Hope this helps