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Swiss Silver .935 "Bear?" Pocket Watch

I am having some trouble identifying a pocket watch, after lots of research online I have gathered the following information but am looking for advice from the experts.

I include photos and information below, many thanks:

Weight: 42g
Age: Bears?!? In use: 1882-1934
Face Diameter: 35mm
Marks: Two Bears, very small four legged animal, a rose?
Silver: 0.935
Makers Mark: CJ
Number on Inside: 515
Serial: 126515


If you don’t manage to find out everything on this forum, if you haven’t already then you could try this clock and watch forum.

Good luck


The ‘bear’ hallmarks indicate that the case was made in Switzerland, which more than likely the movement is as well. The’rose’ looks more like a tulip to me and may well be the maker’s trademark along with the incused ‘CJ’ for his name. Quite common pocket watch of the late 19th century.

I have a very similar watch!
Pics here:
Unfortunately I don’t have anything to offer. I have been trying to learn more about it but don’t know any more that your original post.
Were you able to find out anything? Any idea on value?