T. Fattorini Teapot

Hi i recently purchased this teapot, and i cant seem to find any information on it, I would like to know a bit about the maker and a date on the item mostly. If anyone could help me out that would be great, Thanks

In the absence of any hallmarks your teapot is most likely silver plated. As a plated item it is going to be very difficult to put a date on it, but from the style and the low pattern number (805) I think it is probably late 19th century.

Thomas Fattorini was a watchmaker, jeweller and silversmith with premises in Skipton and Bolton (as per the stamp on the bottom of your teapot). The company which he founded became Thomas Fattorini Ltd about 1934 and they continued in business at least into the 1970s. The company also had a factory in Birmingham (Trafalgar Medal Works in Regent Street, Birmingham) and were noted for the production of medals, badges, etc. If you remember the Robertson’s Jams golliwog badges you may be interested to know that Fattorini produced some of those.

Thank you for your reply, do you know what those marks are next to the makers mark? and if it is worth anything? as i am thinking of auctioning it, thanks

The additional marks are clearly post-sale and scratched on either by a previous owner as a sign of ownership, or possibly by a pawnbroker, although as a silver plate piece the pawn value would not have been much. Provided that there is no plate loss and no damage, you may get somewhere around £15-£20 for it.