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Tag says International Silver, but WHAT is it? Pot, Bowl?

Hi, Thanks for allowing me in this forum. We see many items of Silver, Silverplated and Pewter that our church members ask us to sell for them and give to our church as a donation. Every once in a while, we come across something unusual, like this. This is a beautiful item although we have NO clue as to what it was used for. It doesn’t seem possible to have been used for gravy but anything is possible. It stands 8.5" tall and is the same in width at handles. The Glass bowl inside holds 8 ounces of liquid. Other than the glass bowl setting inside the opening, the rest of the interior is hollow. (maybe for ice to chill what’s in that bowl, or boiling water to keep something warm).
The International Silver Co. has different makers marks on the websites we have found. Have they updated since this item was made? Well, we have NO idea how old it is anyway.

It was found at a garage sale out here in the Hamptons in NY. Even though the tag said 125.00 it was purchased for 65.00, so I’m told. Any advice will be greatly appreciated by our church. Thank you SO much. Peggy