Tarnished Tines Mystery. PLEASE HELP!

I am having an issue and can’t figure out what’s causing it.

I use silver for everyday flatware. All of the tips on my dinner fork tines are turning black. Just the tips. It doesn’t happen on my salad forks or spoons or knives.

My kids prefer to eat their dinner using salad forks instead of dinner forks so their forks are touching the same food our forks are touching but their forks don’t turn black. I’m stumped. I know citric acid and egg are culprits, but thats really not an issue plus it doesn’t explain the fact that we are using both salad and dinner forks to eat the same dinner and its only happening to the dinner forks.


Hi there!

Can you supply me with an image of the tarnished fork tines? Please e-mail to jeff@hermansilver.com. I may be able to help you.