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Tea & coffee?

Suddenly faced with the daunting task of clearing out the family home and in the depths of a crawlspace came across ‘the family silver’ I thought it was in some bank or other and had never actually seen it… it turns out there was quite a lot - though some is plated.
These 2 appealed to me in style and i took some quick pictures (not very good i’m afraid)
No idea what we are going to do about this but it makes sense to have it valued i suppose,
Not knowing I’d end up in this forum I didn’t weigh them (no lightweights though) nor measure them and there’s the rest to go through - I’m home again now so have no immediate access to them but wonder if someone would be kind enough to let me know more about them (age, style and possible worth)
I’m assuming they are Scottish.
Many Thanks,

Kelpie, Sweden

I’ve now found out they are by John Fettes, Glasgow 1913