Teapot with 5 confusing hallmarks - can you help?

Hello all - I recently purchased a beautiful little teapot at a charity sale. It wasn’t expensive, but I was impressed at its superb construction, including what appear to be ivory bands on the handle and a wonderfully made hinge on the lid. The handle has come loose at the top and there’s a tiny leak between the base and the body, just under the spout. If it’s valuable, I’ll try to get these problems fixed properly. If it’s just a beautiful thing but not worth much to others, I’ll repair it myself.

On the bottom there are 5 hallmarks, as shown in the picture. The fleur de lis at the top and the dot in the circle at the bottom are clear. The 3 in the center are less so. Is the one on the left the Lion Rampant, badly worn and perhaps badly rendered? It looks more like the Poodle Rampant, but perhaps it’s something else entirely.

Anyway, expert help would be appreciated. The teapot is really beautiful and I plan at least to give it a good cleaning and clear off the paste polish residue some well-meaning personal applied with a heavy hand. I hope I’ve added these images correctly! Thanks.