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I am new to the group and a novice. I want to better learn to distinguish silver marks. This is my first post, a teapot I bought on eBay. Reads R Wallace, 0781?, Silver Soldered, 8oz. MIDDAY CLUB. Any feedback is appreciated, searched but had no luck locating this style silver mark.

Hi there Anthony and thanks for joining us. Your pot is American, silver plated, and made by the Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co. of Willingford, Connecticut between 1871 and 1956 when the company was absorbed by the International Silver Co. My guess would be the pot dates from the early 20th century. The “Midday Club” is probably the pattern name.

The term “silver soldered” is a tip-off for silver plated American goods as opposed to solid silver or sterling silver. The absence of the word(s) “sterling” or “sterling silver” almost always means the American piece is silver plated, as it was, and still is, illegal in the USA to mark silver plated goods as “sterling” if they are not solid silver of 92.5% purity.

Glad you joined us, and hope to see you back again soon.


Uncle Vic

Uncle Vic,
Thanks for the heads up and lesson in the hobby. I do alot af estate sales and want to fine tune the art of reading these extraordinary pieces of work. Look forward to learning more.