Tes Spoons & Sugar Tongs - Help Needed

Hello, I have a set of 6 teaspoons and a sugar tongs .

It has a hallmark on it which reads , NS , Then a Crown , Then The Initials E.P and then followed by another crown ,

Can anyone help?


Hi there, I can’t be sure but I think the EPNS stands for electroplated nickel silver. That is plated silver not sterling. I can’t help with the maker.
Hope this helps,

Hi shawzinhio I also have a set of 6 tea spoons similar to you if I hold the spoon handle in my right hand and read my markings left to right it is as follows a crown in an oval (slightly taller than the second crown I will be mentioning) next the letter E in an oval then the letter P in an oval next another crown not as tall as the first but in an oval and lastly the letters NS in an oval these are stamped at 90 degrees to the others.

Have you have found any information on these markings or can anyone else help

Thanks in advance

EPNS is, as Tony replied to the original poster, electroplated nickel silver. That is, they are plated and not solid silver.